A First Person Space Fighter Attack Plane Simulation

Black Pyro GX

Unlike most shooter and flight simulation games Descent allows the player to move freely into every direction in space. This allows all possible flight maneuvers and as you can imagine it is real fun.



Descent 3 offers nine standard game modes (Singleplayer, Cooperative, Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Hyper Anarchy, Capture The Flag, Entropy, Hoard, Monsterball) and includes an extensive campaign which is coop. mode compatible. There are also user made mods available that can be installed easily. Some of them are Duel, Guardian, Assault and Instareap.

pyro gl waiting for the server to start
Descent 3 multiplayer scene


Because Descent 3 is some years old the community is small but still active and generally very friendly. In matters of Europe there are three big public organized team games per week. Playing at other times is also no problem; there are always more than 30 public servers running and either there are already some pilots playing or you just join the level of your choice and after a few minutes the multiplayer fun will begin. The boards can of course also be used to arrange dates with others.


We welcome new Descent 3 pilots and are glad to introduce them to the game and to the community. The community meeting places are:
The IRC chat rooms:
  • #descent - European Descent chat, English and German
  • #Descent3 - worldwide Descent chat, English
Vortex is the Descent 3 community tool. It is a chat program with an integrated games server list, level join and auto-download functionality.
Phoenix in Skybox
group image by Do_Checkor


Though not the newest game, Descent 3 needs the power of todays pc's to get the best playing experience in high resolutions like 1280 x 1024. But the only things you really need to start playing are a 3d-accelerator and a controller of your choice (even a keyboard can be used). [EXAMPLE SETUP]


Descent 3 was made for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Difficult to buy in stores nowadays (maybe some online stores still have it) Descent 3 can be bought very cheap on Ebay, starting at about 2 Euros.
There is also a Descent 3 expansion pack available, called "Mercenary". It contains a new singleplayer campaign and unlocks a new ship for use in multiplayer.
Phoenix and Pyro GL

Descent 3 Multiplayer   Descent 3 Multiplayer   Descent 3 Multiplayer
Descent 3 Multiplayer   Descent 3 Multiplayer   Descent 3 Multiplayer


PTMC spokesperson: "The explosion of our corporate headquarter does not mean that PTMC facilities are unsafe in any way. We do not yet know what happened, but we can rule out a computer problem by all means ..."

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This page was created by me, DIII-vinz. I am a member of DIII, the "Descent III promotion and CTF team". We support the Descent 3 community in keeping Descent 3 alive by organizing and joining team matches and by supporting beginners. As the name suggests we also want to promote Descent 3 because a lot of people do not even know that this great game exists. This page may therefore be regarded as a Descent 3 promo page, a DIII project page and a private fan page.

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