About sr3cg, the CharacterGenerator

Gomm, the shaman Sr3cg, the character-generator is a nice little tool for creating Character Sheets for the great Cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun.
It was written in (flex/C) and C++ and uses the Qt toolkit. sr3cg is beeing co-developed on Debian GNU/Linux and Apple MacOS X, but from time to time we also do a port to Microsoft Windows.
CharacterGenerator can import in the Database of a more mature but Windows-only program called nsrcg.


Since I started the project early July 2003 and was laid on ice for about half a year, there is not much that you can do until now.
I also have to admit that it won't be useable at all without the original Sourcebooks at hand, since you won't be able to understand the program without.

Of course you can always take a close look at the change log.

I do sincerely hope that you will have a lot of fun using this tiny tool as we did writing it!

Have fun and keep running!


CharacterGenerator is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Please note that the Windows port has a different license:
In order to link against Trolltech's Qt non-commercial Edition, which is not GPL'ed the following exception to the license is necessary:
As a special exception, the authors of sr3cg give permission to link this program with Qt non-commercial edition, and distribute the resulting executable, without including the source code for the Qt non-commercial edition in the source distribution.


The source code for building it on most UNIX'ish systems.
sr3cg.tar.bz2 (this is always the latest version)


The Windows binaries:
sr3cg.zip (sr3cg.exe only)
sr3cg_contrib.zip (Qt-dll's and other stuff that doesn't change with every update)

These will be uploaded whenever I feel like it. (Last update: 2008/10/12)


a screenshot of CharacterGenerator

A screenshot of the Character Generator running under Windows XP using Qt-Noncommercial

a screenshot of sr3cg

A screenshot of the Character Generator taken on MacOS X.


The Authors may be contacted at
adrian@f4z.org (Adrian Prantl)
pirkheim@gmx.at (Christian Pirkheim).

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