2011-09-06 19:00:00

Reinventing ADVENT(ure)

It's about high time I posted this. Please have a look at my latest creation: a very different engine for text adventures.


What you are looking at is a web interface to a text adventure engine I am developing. This has been my weekend project since one saturday afternoon in February 2007, when I decided to re-learn Prolog. The engine adds a feature I was missing most in the text adventure games I played in my teenager years: autocompletion and synonyms.

I remember it being most frustrating to know what you want to achieve, but having no idea whatsoever what a particular item or action was called by the developer of the game. My engine tries to minimize these problems.


These are some of the sources that a drew my inspirations from:

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction, Nick Montfort, The MIT Press, 2003.

Get Lamp: a documentary about adventures in text, Jason Scott, DVD, 2010.

ADVENT, Donald R. Woods and Donald E. Knuth, Literate Program, Stanford University, 1998.

Put My Galakmid Coin into the Dispenser and Kick It: Computational Linguistics and Theorem Proving in a Computer Game, Alexander Koller, Ralph Debusmann, Malte Gabsdil und Kristina Striegnitz, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Volume 13, Number 2, Kluwer 2004.

Adventure in Prolog, Amzi! inc., 1990.

Casting SPELs in LISP: a comic book, Conrad Barski, Lisperati, 2006?.

WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database, Princeton University, 2007.

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