2008-02-17 12:00:00

Triple booting Leopard, WinXP and Ubuntu 7.10

This stunt took me a whole weekend, but I now know the procedure:

  1. Install Leopard
  2. Use Disk Utility or Boot Camp to resize the HFS+ partition to leave empty space after it
  3. Start the Ubuntu Live CD and use gparted to create an Ext3 and a FAT32 partition. (both primary)
    The Windows partition must be the last one! Otherwise you'll get that hal.dll not founderror.
  4. Reboot from a FreeDOS live CD, go to the shell and do a format C: /Q
  5. Reboot and install XP.
  6. Reboot and install Ubuntu
  7. You're done! I'm not sure whether it is necessary, but I also installed refit.

Good Luck!

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