Monday December 24, 03:54

Adventure released under AGPL

I proudly present the very first open source release of my text adventure engine. All further development will be hosted at the new github repository:

Since one of the main features is an interactive web interface, I decided to licence it under the Affero General Public License, which seems to be the most appropriate license for these kind of things. I also took the time to finally write a readme which explains more about the project.

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Saturday August 18, 23:07

Switched to new server

Last weekend vinz did all the heavy lifting to migrate our server over to a new system! The system got twice the number of cores (i.e., 2) and a modest 2GiB of main memory. Adventure boots up in only 3 seconds now, which will ve nice for development. Although I don't do any at the time, sadly enough.

Nanoblogger seems to run a little faster now, too, although it still demands quite a bit of patience from its users. On the other hand, it only needs to be run whenever I publish a new blog entry, and that rarely ever happens...

Have fun with the new system!

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Sun Mar 18 00:00:47 CET 2012

Switched to a new content management system

Moved the site over to the bash-based nanoblogger today. Main advantage for me is that it doesn't need a database and I can archive the whole thing in git. The downside is that there is no longer an erlang process running on this machine ;-)

Oh and there is no comment functionality, but that never proved too popular anyway.

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Sun Nov 13 19:00:00 CET 2011

Archived old websites

I put up an archive of my old website (with a much better tagline than the current one) since my alma mater decided not to carry around dead weight. There are even older sites archived in that folder, but I'm far too embarrassed about them to hotline them here.

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2011-09-06 19:00:00

Reinventing ADVENT(ure)

It's about high time I posted this. Please have a look at my latest creation: a very different engine for text adventures.


What you are looking at is a web interface to a text adventure engine I am developing. This has been my weekend project since one saturday afternoon in February 2007, when I decided to re-learn Prolog. The engine adds a feature I was missing most in the text adventure games I played in my teenager years: autocompletion and synonyms.

I remember it being most frustrating to know what you want to achieve, but having no idea whatsoever what a particular item or action was called by the developer of the game. My engine tries to minimize these problems.


These are some of the sources that a drew my inspirations from:

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction, Nick Montfort, The MIT Press, 2003.

Get Lamp: a documentary about adventures in text, Jason Scott, DVD, 2010.

ADVENT, Donald R. Woods and Donald E. Knuth, Literate Program, Stanford University, 1998.

Put My Galakmid Coin into the Dispenser and Kick It: Computational Linguistics and Theorem Proving in a Computer Game, Alexander Koller, Ralph Debusmann, Malte Gabsdil und Kristina Striegnitz, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Volume 13, Number 2, Kluwer 2004.

Adventure in Prolog, Amzi! inc., 1990.

Casting SPELs in LISP: a comic book, Conrad Barski, Lisperati, 2006?.

WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database, Princeton University, 2007.

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Sunday March 20, 21:00

Webradio and audio stream to Podcast converter

Here is a script that can be used as a cronjob to DVR an online radio stream and turn it into a personal podcast so you can listen to it when you want.

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Tuesday March 10, 21:00

Want to save your MiniDisc collection?

This little script could help you to automate the process a bit.

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Wednesday March 04, 21:00

Fink packaging tutorial

I've compiled a write-up on how to package software for Fink, complete with a small Makefile to automate the process. Read More...

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Wed Mar 5 19:00:00 CET 2008

X11 Fixed Font for the Mac

I always liked the "fixed" font that comes with X11R6. On the other hand I also liked the carbon Emacs that comes with fink.

Using a great, yet antique, program called Font Forge, I converted the 9x15, fixed, Latin-1 font into a bitmap .DFont.

NextStep Emacs with X11 fixed font under OS X

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2008-02-17 12:00:00

Triple booting Leopard, WinXP and Ubuntu 7.10

This stunt took me a whole weekend, but I now know the procedure:

  1. Install Leopard
  2. Use Disk Utility or Boot Camp to resize the HFS+ partition to leave empty space after it
  3. Start the Ubuntu Live CD and use gparted to create an Ext3 and a FAT32 partition. (both primary)
    The Windows partition must be the last one! Otherwise you'll get that hal.dll not founderror.
  4. Reboot from a FreeDOS live CD, go to the shell and do a format C: /Q
  5. Reboot and install XP.
  6. Reboot and install Ubuntu
  7. You're done! I'm not sure whether it is necessary, but I also installed refit.

Good Luck!

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